Partnering with ROE Visual, Hibino corporation has taken its first steps in Virtual Production technology. Opening a dedicated VFX studio with an open House to take place from June 2nd to 4th, the company will receive customers from July 1st onwards. The Tokyo-based studio creates an excellent opportunity to work with virtual production techniques for filmmakers and producers located in Japan.

The Hibino Group is one of Japan’s largest AV providers and offers various products and services. Having pioneered in the area of live music and events, Hibino now extends its services by adding the new VFX studio and continues to leave its footprint in the Japanese market.

Following the longstanding relationship between Hibino and ROE Visual, it was a logical step to use ROE Visual products for this cutting-edge studio. ROE Visual has gained extensive expertise in this field of work.

The studio is equipped with Ruby RB1.5F LED panels. Premiering this product for this market, Hibino has created a main screen measuring 12m wide x 4m high. Additionally, Carbon CB5 is used for a LED ceiling and two side screens to fill-in lighting. The resulting studio environment provides the perfect LED volume for commercial shoots or virtual events, creating a fully immersive experience.

Comments Junichi Imokawa, Director & Managing Executive Officer of Hibino Visual Group.

“Ever since our first collaboration, we have known that we can put our trust in the ROE Visual products to perform as promised. Making their entry into the virtual production market early on, ROE Visual has both the expertise and experience to pull this off. In our view, their work on Disney’s The Mandalorian series is proof of their capability.

We’re thrilled to be the first company to use one of the purpose-built LED panels for this application, the Ruby RB1.5F”.

Premiering the ROE Visual Ruby RB1.5F in their studio, Hibino can use the dedicated and beneficial features this LED panel offers for use in XR stages or virtual production-related environments. The Ruby RB1.5F has an anti-reflective surface and phenomenal color reproduction, achieving a stunning 85% of Rec.2020 color space.

The studio utilizes the disguise “Render Stream” for In-Camera VFX. Two RX machines are used exclusively for the rendering of content, ready for the inner and outer frustum.

Imokawa :“We’d like to work with companies that are always ahead of the curve.

Using the latest technologies available translates in the services we’re able to provide for our clients.”

Comments Grace Kuo, Sales Director of ROE Visual.

“We’re proud of the wonderful partnership with Hibino, extending over ten years already. As long as I have known them, Hibino always has been in a vanguard position, offering the most innovative technologies and solutions to its client base.”

The new studio will create an excellent chance for Hibino’s customers to have a taste of in-Camera VFX. As digitalization continues to accelerate, Hibino is pro-actively undertaking various measures to reinforce the overall competence of the Group.