NAB 2022、Product of the Year Awardsメイン画像

National Association of Broadcasters(NAB)は、NAB 2022のライブアワードセレモニーで第4回Product of the Year Awardsの受賞者を発表した。この賞は、NAB 2022で初めて展示された最も重要で有望な新製品や技術を表彰するもの。

受賞者は、15のカテゴリの業界専門家のパネルによって選定。賞の対象は、NAB 2022に出展している企業からで、2022年以内の発売を条件としている。


NAB 2022 Show Product of the Year Awardsは、メディアおよびエンターテインメント業界がコンテンツを作成、接続、および活用する方法を変える革新的なブレークスルーを称えるものです。今年の受賞者は、コンテンツライフサイクルのすべての段階でストーリーテラーが今日と明日の課題に対応し、コンテンツ業界に革命を起こすのを支援します。



■Audio Production, Processing and Networking

  • Spalk: Virtual Commentary Studio
  • Audio Design Desk: Audio Design Desk


  • Sony Electronics: Venice 2
  • IO Industries: 8KSDI
  • IO Industries: Volucam 245D60
  • Canon: Canon EOS R5 C
  • Emergent Vision Technologies: Zenith HZ-10000G 100GigE 10MP 1000fps Camera
  • Insta360: Insta360 ONE RS
  • AVer: AVer MD330U Series Medical Grade PTZ Camera

■Camera Support, Control and Accessories

  • Canon: UHD-DIGISUPER 122 AF
  • Atomos: ATOMOS CONNECT (for NINJA V and NINJA V+)
  • Canon: Flex Zoom Lenses (CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L F/FP and CN-E45-135mm T2.4 L F/FP)
  • Emergent Vision Technologies: eCapture Pro Volumetric Capture and 3D Reconstruction Software
  • ARRI: ARRI Hi-5
  • Blueshape: GO7 Green Power Generator
  • Cyanview: RIO Live
  • Zeiss: ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses

■Graphics, Editing, VXF, Switchers

  • Noitom International: NoitomVPS
  • Zero Density: TRAXIS talentS
  • STYPE: RedSpy 3.0 – ultra-high precision camera tracking
  • Brompton Technology: Brompton Tessera Software v 3.3

■Location/Studio Lighting

  • Creamsource: Vortex4
  • Aputure: Light Storm 600c Pro
  • LiteGear, Inc.: Auroris
  • Aputure: amaran T2c
  • Aputure: amaran F22c
  • Aputure: amaran F21c
  • BB&S Lighting: BB&S Compact Fresnel (CFL) Light


  • Radio.Cloud: Radio.Cloud
  • WorldCast Systems: APTmpX
  • Xperi: Rapid

■Remote Production

  • Vizrt Group NDI: NDI5
  • Net on Live: LiveOS
  • Cobalt Digital: Synchronized Multi-Stream Decoding with RIST
  • Studio Network Solutions: The EVO Suite
  • Bridge Technologies: VB440’s SR Live Metadata integration
  • TV Pro Gear: Digital Cinema Flypack
  • LiveU: Air Control
  • Advanced Image Robotics: AIR One
  • Chyron: Chyron LIVE
  • ftrack: ftrack Review
  • Panasonic Connect Visual Systems: AW-UE40/50 PTZ Camera Line
  • Nextologies: NexToMeet


■Cloud Computing and Storage

  • LucidLink: LucidLink FileSpaces
  • Spectra Logic: Spectra Vail® Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management Software
  • M2A Media: M2A CONNECT | Cloud Frame Rate Converter
  • OpenDrives: OpenDrives Atlas Core
  • DigitalGlue:
  • Cinegy: Channel-in-the-Cloud
  • Studio Network Solutions: The EVO Suite

■Hardware Infrastructure

  • Seagate Technology: Exos CORVAULT
  • ABonAir Ltd.: AB4000 – 4K Professional Wireless Link
  • Riedel Communications Inc.: MicroN UHD High-Density Media Distribution Network Device
  • Nextologies: DaVinci/HITC

■IT Networking/Infrastructure & Security

  • Cobalt Digital: RIST (RELIABLE INTERNET STREAM TRANSPORT) Main Profile Security Option for Cobalt Compression Line
  • NETGEAR: M4250 AV Line Switches
  • Storage Made Easy: SMBStream™

■Monitoring and Measuring Tools

  • VoiceInteraction: Media Monitoring System
  • ENENSYS: Stream Probe
  • Covatic: A-Type
  • Vela Research LP: Constellation OTT Turnkey & SaaS Solution
  • TAG Video Sytems: Media Control System (MCS)
  • Vela Research LP: Infinity
  • Atomos Limited: ATOMOS CONNECT (for NINJA V and NINJA V+)
  • Atomos Limited: SHOGUN CONNECT
  • Gaian Solutions: AI based ATSC 3.0 Spectrum Planning Tool
  • MEDIAEDGE Corporation: QDCAM
  • Triveni Digital: StreamScope® XM Monitor


■AI/Machine Learning

  • DeepBrain AI: AI Studios
  • Eon Extract Corp.: Eon Extract
  • iSIZE: BitClear
  • Veritone: Veritone Avatar
  • Supermicro: Supermicro server certified with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software
  • Comcast Technology Solutions: VideoAI


  • AJA: AJA HELO Plus
  • Synamedia and 3SS: Data-driven Ultimate Android TV UX
  • SSIMWAVE: SSIMPLUS® Live Monitor
  • Kaltura: Kaltura Advertising Suite
  • Atomos Limited: ATOMOS Cloud Studio
  • Amazon Web Services: AWS Elemental MediaTailor Channel Assembly
  • Unified Streaming: Unified Remix
  • Teradex: Prism Flex
  • Broadpeak:
  • Viaccess-Orca: VO Secure Player with Advanced Features

■Asset Management, Automation, Playout

  • AnyClip: AnyClip
  • Eluvio: Broadcast TV’s First Major NFT Endeavor: THE MASKED SINGER on FOX
  • ENENSYS TeamCast Inc: IPGuardX
  • Nextologies: Auto Commercial Detection (ACD) Technology
  • Titan TV: MediaStar 4

■Digital Signage and Display Systems

  • StageConnect: StageConnect Pro
  • Sony Electronics Inc: Sony Spatial Reality Display
  • Planar: Planar® CarbonLight™ CLI VX Series

Best Overall


  • Sony Electronics: Venice


  • Voice Interaction: Media Monitoring System


  • AnyClip: AnyClip